No doubt that #nashvillestrong is a thing. There were volunteers everywhere. Distribution areas had signs that they were no longer accepting supplies. Tree crews were out in full force, power crews were restoring power as fast as they could and law enforcement was keeping vehicles out of affected areas. There were volunteers everywhere. I would guess that there were a lot more volunteers than people affected. How awesome is that?!
People ARE good🥰 There was no shortage of people helping people.
With all of that being said, we want you to know that the love you sent was delivered and accepted by the dozens of people we could reach. No matter the event Mother Nature chooses to inflict, tragedy is tragedy. Lives are forever changed. Nothing will ever be the same.
We will always be transparent with all of you. Comeback Coolers brought over 100 coolers to Nashville but we only delivered about 40. Y’all, there was so much help and security that we just couldn’t get them out. Although we were disappointed to not be able to distribute them, we recognize the blessing it is to have help and love poured out in the aftermath of a disaster. Nashville still has quite a bit of recovery and the landscape is forever changed but they are recovering.
After prayer and discussion, we’ve decided to use the leftover supplies to start the Comeback Coolers Carolinas Chapter.
As many of you know, we planned on starting a Carolinas and Texas chapter this year. With these areas, we will be able to reach more people in a financially feasible way.
We are VERY conscience of the support to give and we strive to use it all in the best possible way. We have supplies in Mississippi and now we’ll have some to start the Carolinas with. We’ll be working on Texas soon.
Please know that no one on our team has ever received any money for their work - we truly are a volunteer organization.
Thank you again for what you do and for being Team Comeback Coolers.

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